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About us

To make sure everyone who deserves to get a job has one and the company are getting the best employees at minimum cost by:


  • providing job counselling, training and connection.
  • providing best quality HR services resulting in unparalleled benefits for both employers and employees.
  • carrying out the research and development activities in the sectors of training and HR development.

To be a Nepali institution that is a globally recognized, respected and admired in the sectors of human resource development and training which expands the choices of job seekers and employers.

The company has followed three strategies:

i) Low cost

ii) Speed/time

iii) Quality.

That is to say, it will strive to provide the individuals with the right skills at low cost, in short time with quality services. That is to say, it will concentrates on the reduction of cost, speeding the hiring process and achieving the target in time of employers


Our Values

  • Excellence in services.   
  • Loyalty towards our customers.
  • Innovative, flexible and positive approach.
  • Adding value to the community.

Our Slogan
"Your Career Hub"

Career Enhancement Training:


  •     Provision of basic to advanced job hunting skill enhancement training
  •     In-house and off-house training for the employees to accelerate their performance
  •     Training to the Fresh college graduates who seeks to enrol the job market
  •     Training Need Assessment of company/organisation

Major training we are conducting now:-


  •     Front desk
  •     Marketing
  •     Sales
  •     Human resources
  •     Accounting
  •     Behaviour change communication
  •     Motivation